Mommy Loves...: Delight Your Little One with Words of Love and Enjoy a Ritual That Will Forever Connect Mother and Child. Create a Mem


This poem originated with the birth of my eldest son. As a first time mom, I made it up as I went along, naming all of his adorable little parts with which I was so enamored. I remember how he delighted in hearing it, even more so as it became familiar to him and he grinned at hearing about all that 'mommy loves.' The poem expanded when my second son was born, and I added parts made up special just for him. As my first son did, my second quickly learned his parts and was able to name them all as a small toddler. Most recently my daughter has come along and blessed our family, and of course, I thought of even more things 'mommy loves.' I am sharing our poem in hopes that it will bring each of you the same smiles, laughter, recovery from tears, and special moments that it has brought to us. Enjoy learning it with all of your little 'mommy loves.' This poem created a special ritual that brought tremendous joy to my children and I. It provides a unique opportunity for promoting attunement, attachment, and bonding. It is a fun and easy way to teach your infant and toddler his or her body parts, in a way that provides a sense of consistency, familiarity, and love.

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