As a college professor, ordained minister, and corporate trainer there have been many opportunities to communicate with both Christians and non-Christians alike about overcoming obstacles to success in both the business arena, our local churches, and in our homes. Unfortunately, many saved persons do not testify about their own deliverance from a life of sin and despair to a life of joy and peace through Jesus Christ. Recently after I had given my testimony at a local church here in Indianapolis, a fellow minister stood up and said all of us have stories of deliverance we just don't tell others. He then began to detail some of his life's experiences. I have discovered that many of us can become upset with God because we somehow think that we are the only persons that deal with problems. These issues can range from, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, premarital sex, and unemployment to periods of time in which we struggle with our faith. It is my desire that you will use this book as a tool to not just encourage yourselves but to encourage others who are going through difficult times. I hope that you enjoy reading this book and my sincere prayer is that it will bless you on your path to victorious living.

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