OFF FOR THE MOUNTAINS. Sunrise Camp! What next, pray tell me? sighed Miss Helen Campbell. But it doesn't mean getting up at sunrise, Cousin Helen, Billie Campbell assured her. Although Papa says we would like it, once we got started. Campers always do rise with the sun. It's the proper thing to do. But why do they give it that uncivilized name? continued Miss Campbell in an injured tone of voice. Why not Sunset Camp or Meridian Camp or even Moonrise Camp? There is nothing restful to me in the name of 'Sunrise.' "It will be restful, indeed it will, dear cousin, once you are used to the life, and it couldn't be called any of those other names because they would not be appropriate. You see there is a wonderful view of the sunrise from the camp, and every morning if you wake early enough you see a beautiful pink light all over the sky and you wonder where the sun is; and suddenly he comes shooting up from behind the tallest mountain in the range across the valley, and it's really quite late by then. He has been up ever so long, but he's been hiding behind the mountains

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