Do 'milestones feel like millstones? Does the thought ofwaiting at the school gate make you more nervous than yourfive-year-old? Do you find yourself sometimes tempted to just let your childrenfight to the death? And does flicking through childcare books leave you feelingmostly bewildered and blamed? Then TheMumsnet Rules are what you have been waiting for...Drawn from the message boards of and based onthe assumption that if thousands of parents have found a piece of advice to behelpful then you can be pretty sure its worth knowing, this book shapes thatcollective wisdom into dozens of dos and donts that will lead you through theminefield that is twenty-first-century parenting.From tantrums to teenagers, parasites to parties,competitive parenting to choosing the right school, and including:Dont heed thegurusDo cut yourchildrens hair offDo bribe andcorrupt them through examsDont let themdress like a HoDo be hypocriticalabout swearingand Never buy them a guinea pig ......The MumsnetRules will arm you with the insight that usually only comes withhindsight (as well as teaching you how to make a very classy Easter bonnet outof a KFC bucket).

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