Quincy is a man who appears to have everything a man could want, good looks, a charming personality and a playboy lifestyle to match! Together with his five best friends Darryl, DJ, Big Earl, Chico, and Money Black Quincy lives for the wild and crazy times. A life filled with fast times, fast women & fast money. Until one day Quincy begins to question if all is, as it seems when the people closest to him begin acting strangely at the worst possible time in his life. Big Earl is Quincy's cousin and the older brother to Darryl. Responsible and mature he lives within the confinements of what is expected of him from society. In the absence of he and Darryl's father Earl is left to carry the weight of the family on his shoulders. Kind hearted and generous he yearns to create a better life for he and his family, but is stuck with Quincy in the mist of a sticky situation Darryl is the younger cousin of Quincy and the consummate ladies man. His unique style and swagger drives women wild! But when Darryl meets Lilia, and begins a new relationship he begins to feel torn between being the man that Lilia wants him to be and the man he really is. Determined never to settle down Darryl remains forever loyal to the game. Will he be able to give up the hedonistic life style and become the one-woman man Lilia so desperately wants him can be? One way or the other Lilia is hell bent on having Darryl for herself. Madly in love she's fallen head over heels for Darryl. But she begins to wonder how long she can tolerate the nonstop partying along with the gang of other women craving for Darryl's attention With her heart set on having a family of her own and the man of her dreams to her self, Lilia thinks she's found the perfect strategy when she discovers she's pregnant. Yet she may find herself in for a rude awakening. DJ is the bad boy of the bunch who is hoping to turn his life around and get out of the streets. Secretly DJ admires Darryl and wants more than anything to have the life that Darryl lives. DJ may go to far in his quest for to have his fantasies when Al he crosses the line by getting involved with a female who may cost him more than he's willing to pay. Money Black who is the oldest of the click is a respected hustler immersed in the underworld. A constant chameleon with a hunger for money & power, Black thinks he may have found the perfect cover for his operation. Looking to find a way out of the game while he's still on top he tries to keep Quincy from falling into the same trap that he's trying to escape which could be easier said than done. Everything appears to be going well for Quincy until tragedy finds its way to his front door. To make matters worse Quincy becomes suspicious of love triangle that goes against everything he stands for-loyalty. In the blink of an eye Quincy's life is turned upside down and filled with scandal. Now Quincy must not only pick up the pieces to his own life but also get to the bottom of a secret rendezvous.

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