My Gratitude Journal: 365 Days of the People & Things I'm Grateful for and the Lessons You Can Learn from Them


If you are ready to lead an authentic, fulfilling and bold life, this book is what’s missing from your nightstand. At the core of every successful, thriving person is an appreciation or respect for all of life’s treasures, all of the blessings, be they large or small.Russ Terry’s My Gratitude Journal takes you on his personal journey from Corporate America to Entrepreneur. As a gifted life coach, Terry helps countless people each year find the courage to explore the dark corners and confront limiting attitudes that are preventing them from attaining the things they want most in life.By sharing simple, yet poignant messages that arrive by way of many different messengers, Terry reminds us all to take stock of what’s important and live life in more meaningful ways.My Gratitude Journal is sure to inspire you to exercise gratitude in your own life, and in doing so, you’ll begin to see the world unfold before you in the most magical of ways.

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