This book contains ten major stories by the master of science fiction, fantasy, and horror written during the 1960s. The controversial &quote;If All Men We re Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?&quote; shows the author's technique of &quote;ask the next question&quote; used in a way that shatters social conventions. &quote;When You Care, When You Love&quote; offers a prescient vision of the marriage of deep obsessive love and genetic manipulation, written long before actual cloning techniques existed. &quote;Runesmith&quote; constitutes a rare example of Sturgeon collaborating with a legendary colleague, Harlan Ellison. Included also are two other rarities: two detective stories and a Western that showcase Sturgeon's knack for characterization and action outside his usual genre. &quote;Take Care of Joey&quote; has been read as an allusion to the complex personal relationship between Sturgeon and Ellison, while &quote;It Was Nothing, Really!&quote; hilariously skewers the mores of the military-industrial complex. As always, these stories demonstrate not only Sturgeon's brilliant wordplay but also his timeliness, with &quote;Brown-shoes&quote; and &quote;The Nail and the Oracle&quote; standing out as powerful commentaries on the use and abuse of power that might have been written yesterday.

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