When Philip Morgan announced his approach by an unusually cheerful strain, Al Torrance was already behind the steering wheel of his father's car, with the engine purring smoothly. 'Lo, Whistler, Al said. Thought you had forgotten where we planned to go this morning. What made you so late? 'Lo, Torry. Never hit the hay till after one. Just talking. My jaws ache, Morgan broke off his whistling long enough to say. Sure it isn't whistling that's made your jaws ache? queried his chum slyly. Not having had much chance to pipe up while we were aboard ship, I guess you are making up for lost time. Talking, I tell you, returned Morgan. Thought the girls never would let me stop. And father, too. Mother won't own up she's reconciled to my being in the Navy, and Whistler grinned suddenly. But she listened to all I told them, too. She was just as eager to hear about it as Phoebe and Alice. Guess you made yourself out to be some tough garby, chuckled Torrance, using the term the seamen themselves employ to designate a sailor

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