Every episode of the first four seasons of equipment oddities, weird science, strange but true observations, and nutty technical difficulties for discriminating fans of Deep Space Nine.Commanders Log, DS9: Star Date 46379.1:Bajor below.The cosmos above. Bloopers Everywhere!How long is the wormhole?In &quote;Emissary,&quote; it is 70,000 light years.Four episodes later Sisko says it is 90,000.Better check the odometer, Sisko!Does the Space Station rotate?Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't!Look at the stars in the windows...Now that NextGen is history, the time has come to take a leap through hyperspace and land on Deep Space Nine.It's unexplored territory for nitpicking, the ultimate challenge for discriminating fans.This guide brings you the scoop on Deep Space Nine--the good, the bad, and the Ferengi. Author Phil Farrand (with a little help from his Trekker friends) has had his VCR in warp drive and surveyed every DS9 episode of the first four seasons for the glitches, gaffs, and goofs that neither the station's engineers nor the show's writers have solved.Sit yourself down with this guide in one hand, your remote control in the other, and see for yourself what the wormhole has wrought.

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