Faith Williams' husband is dead; so why isn't she crying at his funeral? From the outside looking in, it appeared that the prominent Williams family had it all. They were a powerful and well to do African American Bishop and First Lady at a mega church, that they built as a team in Oakland, California. They had three lovely daughters, a grand mansion, drove the finest cars and had more church members than they could account for in their large Baptist congregation. But there was a price that was paid to 'Have It All.' It isn't until Faith is sitting on the front pew at her husband's funeral, that she finally has the courage to dig deep within herself to reflect on a relationship that was built on a bed of lies. Faith will take the reader on a journey through her relationships with her husband, God, and herself. She will dissect it all; the good times, the lies, the infidelities, and the skeleton's that will fall out of all of their closets. Through it all will she have enough Faith to walk away unscathed?

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