About the bookOffered and Accepted is the only book that gives you clear and functional advice, derived from almost two decades of hands-on, high performance experience. It covers all elements of the recruitment process: from business development and sourcing candidates, to generating and closing offers. It looks at common objections, and offers advice and examples on how to overcome them. Who is the book for?New and experienced, contract and permanent recruiters who want to increase the number and value of placements that they make. It is relevant for all professional services markets including Accounting, Banking, Finance, IT, Insurance, Legal, Property, Office Support, Sales and Marketing. Why was the book written?Because existing texts don't tell recruiters what we want to know in a way that captures our (often short-spanned!) attention. Many books aimed at us are written by 'industry experts' or academics. This is great if we want to improve our knowledge of the industry's history or Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but less helpful when a candidate is tempted by a counter-offer; a contractor is demanding a pay rise because they've discovered their charge rate; or a client refuses to view our applicants because we're not on the PSA. Offered and Accepted was written to satisfy the need for easy-to-read, practical advice that is based on real recruitment experience. It shows how to increase revenue in a way that encourages clients and candidates to work with us repeatedly; how to be productive without working excessive hours; and how to remain motivated despite the inevitable challenges that we face. How does the book work?It recognises that recruitment is a sales job but if what we're selling, or the way that we're selling it, causes our customers loss and aggravation, they won't work with us again. The book introduces AURA a sales process designed for recruiters. AURA enables us to build rapport, understand our customers and satisfy their needs in a positive and professional way. It results in more placements, repeat business and better fees.

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