The greatest pool of potential mates isn't online, or in a bar, or at the gym. It's on the job. With more than 40 percent of American employees logging over 50 hours each week, where else are people going to find time to look for a date? Work-based romances develop gradually over months and years, allowing people to get to know one another instead of rushing to judgments based on first impressions.Office Mate teaches readers how to make the most of the office dating pool, offering specific dos and don'ts on what to look for in a potential paramour, how to handle the romance day to day, and how to protect a career if the relationship goes sour. Stephanie Losee and Helaine Olen's practical guide is useful even for those with no eligible candidates in their current nine-to-five gig, with tips for readers on how to expand their professional networks to jumpstart both their love lives and careers. With fun "Instant Messages" fast facts, first-person Water Cooler Confessions, and Famous Dates in Office Mate History, this hip handbook gives singles everywhere the green light to take that office flirtation to the next level.

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