In a provocative manner, Bishop Mallory crosses boundaries of orthodoxy and raises some issues not commonly discussed, such as a possible Christian approach to reincarnation, betrayal as a normal part of life, the common thread in all religions, praying for one's enemies by name, and not believing everything you think. In Other Roads Less Traveled, he presents a collection of sermons and meditations that ask and answer a wide range of questions: • Who is God to you? • What happens when we die? • What's the meaning of life? • What's the value of prayer? • What's the good of other world religions like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism? • How do we fight a war on terrorism? Practical and down-to-earth, Other Roads Less Traveled is a compilation of work derived from fifty years in the ministry. It reflects Dr. Mallory's experiences living and working in more than a dozen third-world countries, including eighteen years in Africa where he and his family lived under the apartheid regime of South Africa and the deadly reign of Idi Amin in Uganda. With the overarching theme of truth and justice, Mallory's messages gather together his many experiences of a worldwide ministry.

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