Siklósi is now a young man and must protect his family from bloody horrible trials and tribulations ranging from the deep sea into the great heavens. Evil lurches everywhere, only to find their Queen, who is also rooting for this family full of love and passion. The family discovers they are on an adventure in the lands of great mysteries and phenomena. Their joy and comfort forsake them as they are placed into the hands of death, which has no mercy on their loving hearts. Siklósi risks everything by joining an unknown species in saving all that they know. The risk proves a success as he watches those who killed his wives vanish in time. Trouble continues to burden them as some unknown force has altered these Progenitor's future generations. They receive a new family member that works with them to save all life, which is now in jeopardy. She in turns helps save other great future leaders of love and passion they stem from this crucial bloodline. This growing family return to their homes and hope to, once again, begin their lives full of love and passion, which now has the scars of hate and pain chained in the dark pits of their past.

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