The great flourishing in the Twentieth Century of the amalgamated movement of Phenomenology and Existentialism, having reached its unfolding and reverberation as we have shown in our two preceding books and continue in this one seems to have spanned the entire gamut of their marvels.Although the philosophical field is being still corroborated by phenomenologico-existential insights, phenomenology remains itself enigmatic. The question of its foundations, as the source of sense remaining unsolved by Husserl (herein Verduccis study of Husserl and Fink, infra-page).And yet, the deepest phenomenologico-existential inspiration undertakes a new critique of reason (Verducci), the pivotal role of Imaginatio Creatrix (Egbe), Jean Wahls quest after ultimate meaning (Kremer-Marietti) and the Logos of the 'Moral Sense' (Cozma and Szmyd). Phenomenology is then reborn in the ontopoiesis of life (Tymieniecka) as 'first philosophy' (Haney). We have here a powerful ferment we may call the New Enlightenment.

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