What if Einstein played rugby? Surely Time Magazine's "Man of the Century" might offer useful tips and techniques to defeat the opposition? In this book, the world of physics joins forces with the world of rugby, to show you how to tackle harder, pass safer, run faster, and scrum better - all the things you need to do to win. Blending simple physics, the kind you meet in high school, with anecdotes and stories from the world of rugby, Trevor Lipscombe takes us on a journey from scrum ruck and maul, to the running and passing of the offence, the chasing and tackling of the defence, through the kicking of penalties, to dressing for success in scorching summer sevens or winning in the winter. Physics at last comes alive, for here we look at a scrum, say, show what Newton's laws have to say about it, and then use the physics to see how to improve rugby. For any rugby fan with a smattering of science, or any science buff who knows the rudiments of rugby, "The Physics of Rugby" should delight, entertain, and instruct.

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