Poison-Wynd is set in present day Dublin, and the shadowy underworld, where extraordinary creatures haunt the city. Thirteen-year-old Wil Dark is sent to Dublin to spend the summer with his unusual relative, Copper-man Carlisle, while his archaeologist father works abroad. When Wil arrives in Dublin, Copper-man, a retired scientist and map maker extraordinaire, issues a warning that sends shivers through Wil. He is warned not to cross the new footbridge that spans the city's main river if there is fog in the middle of it. It's a strange warning, and Wil plans to adhere to it, but his plans are cast aside when shadowy figures threaten to hunt him down. Poison-Wynd is a fantasy children's book, with full colour illustrations, and packed with mystery, adventure, and phantom-like moths with human qualities. Wil Dark's summer just got a whole lot creepier . . .

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