In a society where the role of corporations and the state is in flux, this volume explores how the concept of citizenship has been transformed with the entrance and involvement of other actors, primarily corporations and non-governmental organizations, in the protection and provision of citizenship without the nation-state. Examining the economic effects of globalization and citizenship, this interdisciplinary collection questions what ideas on corporate citizenship may say about the ongoing publicization of the corporation. What is the role of the corporate citizen in the public domain? How does that new role transgress traditional notions of what corporations are and ought to be? And what are the implications of these developments for the welfare state and democracy at large?This book uses the notion of a citizenship for corporations as a devise for delineating and analyzing the political role of the corporation in the public domain. It will appeal to a wide range of scholars in political science, organization and management, business and society and political economy. Its international contributors include Paula Blomqvist, Celine Cholez, Andrew Crane, Steven Gerencser, Boris Holzer, Uwafiokun Idemudia, Dirk Matten, Jeremy Moon, Fabrizio Panozzo and Pascal Trompette.

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