Princess Allura is spoiled and beautiful. Her guardian, the Grand Duke Fortragian, is powerless to stop her from abusing her hapless slaves and clueless suitors, and only the handsome Baron Montreico is strong enough to tame her. Tricking Allura into a compromising kiss, he then invokes an ancient law requiring that the princess marry him. Still Allura thinks she will easily outwit the man, but Montreico turns the tables, placing her under a regimen of cruel and humiliating discipline. Denying her sexual satisfaction he treats her like an animal, making her beg for her most basic needs under pain of severe corporal punishment. His plan is to break her completely, converting her into a cringing sex slave while he seizes the crown for himself. In the way, however, stand a sadistic priestess and a lust-filled god, both of whom have staked their own claims on the submissive princess.

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