Whether you're standing before a group of 2000 customers at an industry meeting, presenting your annual goals and budget in a small conference room before 7 colleagues, or in an elevator when your boss steps on at the 60th floor, turns to you, and says, &quote;So how's the big project going?&quote;, you have the opportunity to convey confidence and credibility to your audience. Your &quote;platform&quote; in all these situations is both portable and powerful. Any of these speaking opportunities has the potential to create career momentum or mishap for you.In this eBook you will learn how to become confident in all areas of speaking to individuals or groups. You will learn to Accept nervousness as part of the process. Make your body language consistent with your message. Use vocal variety to increase your authority and credibility. Translate movement and energy into purpose. Involve your audience for greater impact. And much more.Presence may be difficult to define, but it is easy to spot. Most people know it when they see it. It is a manner of moving and interacting that commands attention and creates confidence in the speaker and increases credibility for the content.

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