Walking in faith is not always pretty. It's not always easy and there's no perfect path. It's rocky and uneven with missteps, forks in the road, right decisions, wrong choices, and everything in between. Do you know what it's like to be a Pretty Christian, struggling to somehow co-exist as both a daughter of God and a young woman dying to be a part of the world? Is there a way to balance our faith and our lives without losing who we are, or who we are called to be? So many of us are fighting this battle and too many are losing. But not anymore. The Lord is rising up a generation of young women who not only know Him, but are on fire for His Kingdom. We're doing far more than learning from our mistakes. We're blazing trails and moving out. We're changing the landscape of the world in which we live and we cannot be stopped. It's time for the young women of God to leave behind the pain, disappointment, and deception of this world and embrace the call. It's time for us to stop being, pretty Christian and start being the beautiful, redeemed, mighty women He has called us to be.

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