Life's been lonely for Gabe. Broke, working as a barista and sharing an apartment with four men, life isn't all he'd hoped it would be. He can't help but miss the family that disowned him. There's one bright spot-Damian Costas is charming, classy and wickedly hot. Everything about the man encourages Gabe to embrace the part of himself he's so long denied. With each encounter more sizzling than the last, Gabe is starting to think things are finally looking up-and just in time for Valentine's Day. Damian fled his country and his royal birthright when his father made it clear that being gay was unacceptable. For the first time Damian embraces life without palace scrutiny following his every move. Sweet, shy and completely unaware of Damian's title, Gabe affects Damian in ways he never expected. But Damian cannot run from duty forever. When he's called home, dragging Gabe in tow, he's going to need a Valentine's miracle to merge two broken pasts into one bright future. A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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