Windows Workflow Foundation is part of a bundle of new products that update .NET 2.0 into .NET 3.0. They are scheduled for release in January 2007. WF is particularly important as it natively integrates workflows into Visual Studio for the first time. Workflows allow you to chart both human and code interactions as a series of flow-chart diagrams, allowing you to see your code as a series of interacting elements that can move and change rather than as static blocks.
This book is one of the first to cover this important addition to .NET, and aims to provide the reader with a solid grounding in how workflows are implemented, executed, maintained and customized. Given the importance of this technology release, the fact that WF is a free add-on, and the book's broad appeal, it will be useful to almost all existing or migrating .NET 2.0 developers and should see very healthy sales as WF is rapidly adopted.

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