Our goal is to show how PowerShell can help script most of those tasks and reduce their burden. The book contains examples on automating typical system administration tasks: configuration, monitoring, network queries, text manipulation, and file operations. The ideas presented will be beneficial to power users needing a better shell and an automation environment, system and network administrators looking to streamline their daily activities, and software developers wishing to optimize their build and deploy process.
We will jump right in and get results fast. The most important feature of the book is that it will show everything using many, specific examples that provide real value to the user. It will show "the big picture": interoperability with the outside world. Users will see examples dealing with other programs, the OS, and the network. Plus, It will introduce free and open-source tools and extensions that help us get results fast. (We are unique here - none of the competitors does that.) Powershell has proven to be a very popular area and this book has the contents and the technical expertise within to be a success.

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