Elena needs a fresh start. On her way to Sedona, life takes an unexpected turn. In the midst of otherworldly visions, she meets Marco, and together they awaken to a seemingly impossible reality. Her beliefs shatter as she learns to see with different eyes, revealing the unlimited power within the human spirit. Ashta and Anak have trained in the temples of Arnaka since childhood, until they discover that their births were foretold centuries before by a great prophet. With responsibility for an entire race, they begin a journey to vanquish darkness. They fight alongside angels, battle demons, and fulfill a destiny created before the dawn of time. The Prophecy of Arnaka unveils the fine line between fantasy and reality. A saga of magic and of suspense, of light and of dark, of faith and of power, this adventure reveals the endless possibilities when you let go of absolutely everything and just . . . BELIEVE.

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