"I heartily recommend Dr. Michael Frisch?s book to positive psychology and clinical practitioners of all persuasions. The book presents state–of–the–art findings in positive psychology, brought to life with practical exercises that make the research findings accessible to readers. Frisch?s volume can jump–start the work of any practitioner in terms of integrating positive approaches into his or her practice. Accompanying the book is a CD Toolkit which provides copies and details of all of the exercises, handouts, and worksheets needed to fully implement the material discussed in the book. This is a valuable resource on its own. "––From the foreword by Ed Diener, University of Illinois? Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Senior Research Scientist, Gallup International Positive Psychology Center "Frisch?s Quality of Life Therapy is psychology at its best—theoretical and practical. The book is fascinating and filled with insights about how to cultivate the good life....

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