BIOGRAPHY/AUTOBIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR In Retold Tales, author C. J. Barnes keeps the treasured, family memories alive. She shares a collection of stories featuring tales, events, and anecdotes from her growing-up years in Faison, North Carolina.This memoir reminisces about holidays, relatives, specials events, and more. In “Uncle Bennie,” Barnes recalls an uncle who served in the US Army in the Pacific theater during World War II and returned home with significant post-traumatic stress disorder. “Wine Making” shares a funny story of an unusual wine-making experience with purple briar berries. “Sunbeams” remembers the joys of summer vacation and the good memories made during Vacation Bible School.With humor and descriptive details, Retold Tales captures one family’s stories and history as they lived their lives in a small, rural southern community. It provides insight into the life and times of a bygone era, seeking to preserve the tales of the past.

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