About Rosie... Rosie was a real soul who lived on Rosemoore Lake from 2007 - 2012. She came from Michigan to our lake along with her friend and partner Moorey. Delivered in postal carriers and released into our lake, both swans brought a majestic and special sense of pride and love to the people who lived on or around the lake who helped to feed and support them. There were many others that would come from the outside of the neighborhood to take pictures of them. Rosie had a star like quality to her as she loved to be photographed and told how great she was. She endured the loss of Moorey, Bobby and all of her babies over a four year time period. It was sad to watch her look for all her loved ones. Her story is a testimony to all parents including single parents and parents of children that have passed. She represents their strength, courage and hope. "To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die" (Thomas Campbell)

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