Royal Interlude: Book II of the Adventures of William Howard and Hugh Fitzalan in Fifteenth Century England


Second in the series, Royal Interlude is the sequel to Troubled Times. Will Howard and Hugh Fitzalan, although yearning to return to their beloved Arundel Castle in Southern England, still find themselves embroiled in the trouble and chaos of war-torn France during the waning years of the Hundred Years War. While they continue to advance their skills as young warriors and esquires, and often find themselves in real combat battling the French, their Homeland struggles for a solution to endless war -- Victory or Peace? One potential solution, perhaps, is for the young and eligible Henry VI of England to wed a suitable French Princess. Charles VII has eligible daughters. But will the canny King of France allow Henry to wed one? And at what price? While plots and intrigues ensue at the highest levels of both realms, Will and Hugh find themselves tasked with discovering the secret of arguably the most powerful man in England, Sir William de la Pole, fourth Earl of Suffolk. King's Steward, and the King's best friend, confidant, and chief negotiator, Suffolk struggles to hang on to the reins of power in a teetering world. What is he willing to sacrifice for King and Realm? His own power, position, or wealth? Amidst the pomp and pageantry of royal marriage negotiations, betrothels, and weddings, Will and Hugh uncover greed, corruption, and self-interest. But will they also find treason?

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