One ten-year-old girl, armed with only a crystal, against all the followers ofThe Dark Serpent. The future of the planet is at stake.On a balmy summer’s evening Salmek took her dog, Chewy, out for his usual walk. But there was nothing usual about what she saw – a meeting of the followers of The Dark Serpent. Suddenly aware of the darkness and dangers in her friendly community, Salmek doesn’t quite know where to turn or who to trust. That night she is given a stunning pink quartz crystal and, to her amazement and confusion, told she can use it to save the world. Although Salmek struggles to understand the power and importance of her crystal, some very dangerous men know exactly what it can do and begin tracking her every move, waiting to pounce. While visiting her estranged dad in Egypt, things start to fall into place for Salmek and she learns what her crystal can do, but the men that are after her are lurking everywhere. Can a brave ten-year-old girl outfox them all? 

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