Lois Maharg took her doctor's advice, read all the books on insomnia, followed the recommendations-and still got no respite from her wakeful nights and washed-out days. Clearly, she needed more than quick answers and standard advice. As an experienced reporter, she set out to explore insomnia in the hope that deeper understanding would lead to better sleep. The Savvy Insomniac documents her tour through the world of the sleepless. She visited sleep clinics, sleep researchers, sleep therapists, sleep conferences, and fellow insomniacs. Along the way, she learned about:* The body systems that control sleep and waking* Cutting-edge research from leading sleep scientists* The latest thinking in sleep therapy* The history of insomnia and cultural attitudes toward it* The benefits-and risks-of sleeping pills* Insomnia treatments and new therapies in the pipeline. She also shares her personal experience with insomnia, talks with fellow insomniacs, and learns from their stories and solutions. With stylistic verve and a reporter's ability to make complex information accessible to all, The Savvy Insomniac offers the sleepless an illuminating and practical guide to getting rest.

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