The armed men reach the base of the hill on which Jericho stands, they turn and continue to march on flat ground, following the perimeter of the city wall. As they do so, faces begin to appear at the windows and on the roofs, attracted by the sound of the rams' horns and fascinated by the sight of the Israelite procession. The unexpected behaviour of Israel has unsettled the people of Jericho. They have not predicted such a strange tactic. Where's the twist? What are these men planning? High in the branches of a sycamore fig in the middle of the barley fields, four children look on in stunned silence. On the plains in front of Jericho four children are heading towards danger. Sekani. Tabia. Gurion. Daya. One is hoping to find himself. One is hoping to find her brother. Two are hoping to find the spies who will save their lives. But the only thing they find is that they're in the wrong place completely.

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