The number of professions that review and formulate a written report/opinion on trauma radiographs has increased over the last ten years to include nurse practitioners, radiographers and radiographer practitioners. Radiographer practitioners post-training formulate first and second (final) reports, depending on training and which Trust they work in. For many years radiographers have been 'red dotting' casualty radiographs, although now with increased knowledge obtained from the many 'red dot' courses available. This book is intended to be like sitting in on a reporting session with a radiologist or radiographer practitioner, where you are asked to report/comment on the radiograph, but also asked some questions and given feedback. It is intended to support whatever course you have done whether it be reporting, 'red dotting' or commenting or to encourage you to go on 'that course'. It can be used as a revision book, or to help in preparation for an assessment.

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