In the truest sense, by way of living purposefully, The Shift: From Sheep to Shepherd of Your Own Soul - A Life Purpose Manifesto is a promissory installment on my soul's contract with the universe and a timely act of stewardship over the domain assigned me of my Creator(s). As a manifesto, it is a declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives relating to what the ensuing shift in consciousness portends for humanity. It is tendered as a salute and, hopefully, an aid to those choosing to respond affirmatively to the appeal to lift our heads above the ground-level stench of the sheep yard of mass consciousness. It portends an occasion to infuse our lungs with the fresh air of an expanded awareness of our unfettered accessibility to knowledge of our true life purpose or reason for being. Though intended to administer a timely nudge to our soul's mandate to live authentically, my observations may, instead, cause you to draw back. They may, in fact, prove an offense to the sensibilities of those incapable of glimpsing beyond the ego's attachments to limited concepts and labels that are little more than brands expedient for herding sheep. These attachments include but are not limited to race, religion, political ideology, and other social enticements and endearments. While this shift in self-awareness constitutes a major step along the path from mediocrity to mastery, it is a quest that can only be undertaken upon committing to squarely facing ourselves in the cosmic mirror. Thus, the time has arrived for me to encourage you to embark the path of naked muster the courage to imagine if not clearly see and experience ourselves absent these pseudo-protective facades. This is the process through which we may reacquaint ourselves with the true essence and power of our humanity. Given a true desire to experience change within ourselves and, consequently, within our world; the impending energy downloads implicated in the shift in collective consciousness will prove sufficient for peeling back the layers of illusion to enable us to see, acknowledge, rectify, and rise above our penchent for being herded into undue compliance with behaviors that defy our humanity. In this regard, a quote, by George Orwell, that states &quote;In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,&quote; speaks most pointedly to the revolution that occurs in individual consciousness - and, thus, the greater world - when we each commit to rise up to depose the tyrannical rule of self-deceit.

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