This book is the fourth of several volumes on solids in the Shock Wave Science and Technology Reference Library. These volumes are primarily concerned with high-pressure shock waves in solid media, including detonation and high-velocity impact and penetration events. The six extensive chapters in this volume are more specifically concerned with detonation and shock compression waves in reactive heterogenous media, including mixtures of solid, liquid and gas phases: Spray Detonation (SB Murray and PA Thibault); Detonation of Gas Particle Flow (F Zhang); Slurry Detonation (DL Frost and F Zhang); Detonation of Metalized Composite Explosives (MF Gogulya and MA Brazhnikov); Shock-Induced Solid-Solid Reactions and Detonations (YA Gordopolov, SS Batsanov, and VS Trofimov); Shock Ignition of Particles (SM Frolov and AV Fedorov). All chapters are each self-contained, and can be read independently of each other. They offer a timely reference, for beginners as well as professional scientists and engineers, on the foundations of detonation phenomena, high strain rate response behavior, and on the burgeoning developments as well as challenging unsolved problems.

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