The Dark Chapters series tell three of the darker stories from the Bible. The three books in the series, The Egyptian Nightmare (the story of Pharaoh), Izevel, Queen of Darkness (the story of Jezebel) and The Sky Will Fall (the story of Samson), focus on the story of one character from the Bible and see how their life compares to how God wants us to live. They also examine what happens as a consequence of them not following God's plan for their lives. The text does not sensationalise the horrific aspects of each story for entertainment's sake, and therefore trivialise what it has to say. On the contrary, each retold account uses the more fantastic and gruesome epsiodes of each character's story to grip the reader and draw them into assessing why these events take place. The reader is asked throughout the books to consider questions about the nature of God, how we should live as Christians, what value we place on things of this world - power, wealth, influence or popularity - and what God values.

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