Millions of people watched The Battle of the Sexes in 1973, but no one knew more about the historic tennis match than a 14 year-old boy. While the world s eyes were focused on Bobby Riggs, the self-proclaimed king of male chauvinist pigs, and Billie Jean King, the defender of feminism, Richard Muscio saw the match through the headlines of the day, headlines he had carefully clipped and saved as Bobby Riggs scrapbook maker. Only years later would Muscio realize that Bobby Riggs, the man who said that women should belong in the kitchen, actually made America a more tolerant society. A far cry from your grade school history book, So, What's Your Play? shows how life propelled Muscio to overcome blindness and birth inspired running events. Ultimately, showing how taking action, collaboration and leaving a legacy can change your own life and help build a better, more embracing world.

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