“This is not an innocent book. It brooks no whiney nay-saying. You are brought up short by the honesty to yourself that it demands.”—Jean Houston, PhD, author and visionary cultural activist “Robin picks thoughts and feelings right out of my head and heart! She not only gives incredible insight, but inspires, uplifts and vibrates love and grace … thoughts to chew on … tears and catharsis. What’s not to love?” —Cassandra Smith, DSW “Robin has taught me through laughter, and sometimes tears of recognition, my own unseen truths.” —Maureen O’Brien, editor A few “Robinisms” from Soul on the Run:• It really sucks to come in second in your own life. It sucks even more to think this is okay.• What’s worse than dying? Never having really lived. Major, major mistake.• When God knocks, it isn’t such a great idea to keep saying, “Wait a minute.”

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