In depth guide to implementing antispam solutions using SpamAssassin .Implement the right antispam solution for your network and your business requirements .Learn how to detect and prevent spam .Optimize SpamAssassin for all major mail servers and clients .Discover how to use SpamAssassin as a service Free to use, flexible, and effective, SpamAssassin has become the most popular Open Source antispam application. Its unique combination of power and flexibility make it the right choice. This book will now help you set up and optimize SpamAssassin for your network. As a system administrator, it's down to you to implement, configure and adapt SpamAssassin to fight the Spam War. Fortunately, in SpamAssassin you chose well. Its power and flexibility make it a potent tool. However you also know that any flexible application is only as good as how it's set up and configured. This book is a comprehensive guide to the features, options and implementation strategies you need to get the most of...

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