This self-study book is an perfect choice for learning Japanese quickly. Speak Japanese Today is ideal for students, business people and travelers. It offers the option to learn Japanese in a short time without compromising on quality.Beginning Japanese learners are often intimidated by the oddly shaped Japanese Characters (kanji and kana) and exotic-sounding pronunciations, but Speak Japanese Today breaks down the Japanese language and presents it to you in twenty short and concise lessons and two review chapters that are specially designed to be absorbed quickly and stay in your long-term memory. Only the most commonly spoken Japanese translations of key phrases are included, allowing you to maximize your time.Included in this book are:Everyday key vocabularyReal-life dialogs—taken from actual Japanese speakers!Important and useful grammar pointsExtensive review exercisesAn expanded appendix including pronunciation charts and grammar rulesJapanese to English and English to Japanese indexes for quick word look-up and reference

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