'It was never meant to feed the needy; but to serve up grief to the mean and greedyTheunfortunately named Albert Grub (A. Grub) has parents who are obsessedby mini-beasts; there are insects in the fridge, woodlice living in thehall and spiders dwelling in the cupboard under the stairs. Buteverything changes one day when Albert discovers that his dad is heirto the factory of the legendary Piddlers Porridge. Why is the townsnoodle King, and owner of the adjacent factory so keen to get his handson the Piddlers place? Is he after the legendary Spoon of Doom,believed to be hidden somewhere in the factory? And what can ourreluctant hero do to stop him?A mix of quirky characters andoutlandish goings on topped with lashings of bugs and porridge, this isa laugh-out-loud comic adventure that will appeal especially to boys.

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