Take better actions shots with this terrific, 100-page e-book!

From pro to hobbyist, from your child's first baseball game to the championship match, every photographer wants to be able to capture thrilling action shots. Now you can sharpen your photography skills with this fast-paced, In A Day For Dummies e-book that really zeros in on the specifics. See how to freeze action, add motion blur, and work with the variety of conditions you'll face when shooting live action.
* Focuses on techniques that help you successfully capture sports and live action photographs, such as freezing action or adding motion blur
* Covers getting the right gear, setting your camera for the shot, capturing the shot, editing the results, and more
* Includes a "Beyond the book" online component, where you can find step-by-step tutorials, videos, and a bonus lesson on creating a high-dynamic range sports photo
* Shows you techniques that work effectively on digital SLR cameras and point-and-shoot cameras

Get Sports & Action Photography In A Day For Dummies and take action!

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