Earlier books on this subject, i.e. 'Sputtering by Particle Bombardment I - III' are nearly 20 years old, but since then a lot of new and important work has been performed and published in international journals. The planned book brings an overview about all the new results. This concerns especially a new summary of the measured and calculated sputtering yields with an algebraic approximation formula for the energy and angular dependence of the yields. This is especially useful for all colleagues, who need sputtering yields for physics and/or applied problems. The computational methods for calculating sputtering yields are critically reviewed, Molecular dynamics calculations have not been covered in the previous books on sputtering. The influence of chemical effects on sputtering and the new models developed in the last years for understanding these effects, such as for hydrogen ion bombardment of carbon, are outlined. New developments, such as sputtering by MeV Ions and the mechanisms for understanding the effects are presented. The new results about the angular and energy distributions of sputtered atoms are presented in an extra chapter.

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