A story about survival, growth, and purpose - If certain obstacles were removed, how Earth would change. Or – If the line above in not enough – although it would be my preference - The function of government is security.  The charge of its people is productivity.  Worth is measured in different ways.  To a business it is money.  To a religion it is people.  To society it is both, and it is possibility; and finally it is action, for possibility is an empty glove without action.  Earth today is home to over seven billion people, in over 195 countries, with more than four thousand religions.  The gross domestic product of humanity is seventy-two trillion dollars.  There are 10.5 million people incarcerated.  Four billion people are gainfully employed or otherwise contributing, leaving over three billion idle by choice or circumstance; still they are idle anchors.  In the United States alone, five-hundred thousand annually claim unemployment benefits, paid from money earned by the working. Society’s values are most easily seen in entertainment, treatment of prisoners and each other, as well as in the standard of living.  Individuals experience life and learn to expect certain things.  From waiting for handouts to fierce independence, humans exist.  Studies conclude that a person’s values and standards are set by the age of ten. Envision a world where all contribute to its success.  Picture human accomplishment if every individual were driven, purposeful, and necessary; and picture it if they were concerned with the welfare of others…  As if life depended on it.

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