ImmanuelKant is undoubtedly one of the most important thinkers in the history ofphilosophy. He is also notoriously difficult for beginners to understand. Starting with Kant offers a genuinelyaccessible introduction to the metaphysics, theory of knowledge, and moralphilosophy of this hugely influential figure. It assumes no prior acquaintancewith his ideas.'Thematicallystructured, the book opens with a completely non-technical overview of thedevelopment of Kant's mature thought, resulting in a wide-ranging understandingof his famous and ground breaking 'Copernican revolution in metaphysics'. Thebook evaluates the basic framework of his metaphysical outlook, and sets outits implications for his theory of knowledge and moral philosophy. Kant'sposition in these fields is related to other philosophers of his period so thata number of his seminal ideas can be clearly understood through an appreciationof their opposing views. This is the ideal introduction for anyone coming tothe work of his hugely important thinker for the first time.

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