How Fiscally Fit Is Your Company? Just Say &quote;Ah&quote; In Stick Out Your Balance Sheet and Cough, Gary Patterson details for the first time the proven methods he's used to successfully treat ailing companies of all sizes across a range of industries-from a startup purchased by IBM to a public technology company sold to eBay to an Inc. 500 consumer goods manufacturer to an international Fortune 500 firm. Offering tips to stanch the internal financial bleeding and providing a daily regimen for ensuring your company's financial health, the FiscalDoctor's prescription is clear: Give your company an overall checkup to gauge its condition Diagnose problems by reviewing your financials and operations Implement a treatment plan using Best Practices from world-class successful companies Create a wellness program to prevent future fiscal crises Using the FiscalDoctor's Best Practices, the high-growth company you own, manage or direct can avoid unnecessary increased expenses, revenue shortfalls, employee layoffs, missed bonuses or broken dreams. So open this book and say &quote;Profit&quote;.

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