Not everyone gets to grow up in a small farming town like Yorktown, Indiana, but Greg Phillips did. What's more, he made the best of it by never really leaving. Greg's fate was sealed before his birth, when his father opened his own pattern shop. Phillips Patterns opened for business as a wood pattern manufacturer on a small plot of land that belonged to Greg's grandfather. Decades later, it still remains a family business. As a boy, along with two friends-Bill Webb and Mark Zurlino-Greg began a lifelong love affair with cars. Together, the three boys took risks, raced toward danger, and enjoyed every minute of being pals during the 1960s, 1970s, and up to the present day. Greg relished working on and racing fast cars, but life would have meant nothing without the love of his wife, Stacy, and the rest of his family. In Surviving the 70s, he recalls sports, pranks, outdoor adventures, cruising streets on summer nights, family tragedies, and living life to the fullest no matter what happens.

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