Take Charge! is my contribution toward fighting the "obesity epidemic." As a child and teenager, I struggled with controlling my own weight, and want to help those having the same problem today. Young people are already being given some help, fortunately. They are taught about diet and exercise in school and in other places. However, many adults seem to have an attitude of "Kids are continually bombarded with fast foods and with advertising. Of course they can't help gaining weight!" I disagree. If young people can discover the best ways of controlling their weight, and realize weight control can be enjoyable, they will do so. My book is designed to provide the tools they need. If you are a tween with any weight problem, try the activities in this book. Remember, not every strategy works for everyone. If you try an activity for a week or so and it doesn't help you, you can go on to another. By the time you finish this book, you will have learned many things about weight control, and about yourself.

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