Tales of the Hare - The Biography of Francis Tito Lelievre 1755-1830: A Prequel and Sequel to the Last Fatal Duel


Tales of the Hare is the biography of Francis Tito LeLièvre (1755-1830), who played a significant role in the War of 1812 before settling at the Perth (Ontario) Military Settlement where his son, Henry LeLièvre (1802-1882), was falsely accused of plotting murder by proxy through the 'Last Fatal Duel' fought in Upper Canada. Tito LeLièvre joined the French Navy in 1775 as a midshipman and rose to commissioned rank over the course of the American Revolutionary War. Overtaken by the French Revolution he continued to serve against England until casting his lot with the Royalist cause and defecting, with his ship, to the British in 1793. For the next 22 years he served as a Captain in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. At the retreat from York during the War of 1812 he detonated the powder magazine killing American General Pike and about 200 others and torched the British warship HMS Brock saving her from capture. Through two sons and five daughters Tito's descendants include John LeBreton Ross a supervising engineer on construction of the Canadian Parliament Buildings, comedian Rich Little and Henry Clarke Mount who was convicted of mass murder in connection with the infamous 'Blackbirding' voyage of the Australian Brig Carl.

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