In a not very far future, many problems have been solved starting from energy supply. In fact, TAP invention is now the method to get energy from nuclear fusion. Also long travelling has become cheap because of elibus, a nuclear-engined helicopter used as mass transport. Yet mankind is under the terrible menace of international terrorism launched by an obscure and powerful personage called the Great Drake, Dà Lóng in Chinese. No one can understand his perfect plan that succeeds to get the NATO alliance and Russia fighting against each other by nuclear weapons. Governments are compelled to flee and abandon their people. In a disaster of biblical dimension, three teachers and their students try to save themselves while being in school trip abroad. On the road they meet secret agents who give them a mission. Yet they would be lost, like many others, without the unexpected arrival of mysterious people coming from space. They are descendants of the team of a spaceship lost in voyage around Jupiter centuries ago. They have an advanced technology, but is it enough to defeat Dà Lóng, who has by now conquered almost the whole world except some USA states? In the last frontier of America, a pool of heroes goes into action against the Drake. It is the eternal conflict between the power of big money, corruption, ruthless actions, and the heroism of generous people.

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